Code of Conduct


As company, we pursue sustainable developments that combine economic, environmental and social interest. Keeping the rapid development of the IT industry in focus, we face long-term perspectives and decisions that help us preserve our responsibility towards society, environment, our clients and employees.


Fair Play

We are fully committed to abide by the human rights. We reject child labour and loathe all forms of human exploitation. We take part in competition under full respect for all applicable legal provisions contained within existing anti-corruption, antitrust and competition laws.



Our employees create the foundation of our success. Mutual respect and openness are part of our corporate culture. Providing a positive working environment and accident prevention management is the ultimate ambition. We provide security against all forms of discrimination in compliance with all local laws. We support personal development of professional skills by investing in ongoing training. Naturally, conflicts arise where people work together. Dealing with conflicts and complaints in an open and constructive way is an important part of our active-minded business culture.



Handling customer information in a respectful and responsible way protects from data loss and thereby arising image and material damage on one hand and strenghtens trust of employees and clients in our business on the other hand. Our employees are obliged to prevent unauthorized disclosure to third parties and to ensure our compliance with data protection laws. Computers must be protected through regularly changing passwords. The same applies to mobile work equipment like mobile phones, tablet computers and data storage devices. 

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XIT-cross information technologies GmbH

CrossIT GmbH is an SAP consulting company located in Austria but operating internationally - as leading enterprise on the Austrian SAP basis technology sector we are used to work with clients from every scale.

Operating-relevant processes are controlled according to ISAE 3402 approved standards and meet therefore international compliance-requirements.

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